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September 28, 2020

Smile! It's Sea Sick Sam!

Poor Sam.

Let’s face it, he’s in the wrong job. A nice desk-based posting would be his thing, far from the restless ocean. Far from the waves and the bobbing of the boat.

Far from the meanie kids who force-feed him junk food, then rock him to see if he’ll barf. :(

‘Surprise’ games are a perennial hit with younger kids. As anybody knows who’s ever poked their head into a cot and said ‘boo!’ to a giggling baby, we learn from a very early age that it’s the funniest thing ever when something makes us jump.

Youngsters aren’t averse to a certain amount of gross-out comedy, also.

Sam eats and snoozes… eats and snoozes… eats and snoozes… eats… until he leaps up and ejects the contents of his stomach, to be collected by the unfortunate player who’s over-fed him. So he well and truly ticks those boxes, and more.

He’s a cheerful soul; a loveable cartoonish sailor with a frog-mouth and unfeasibly rubbery tongue – you’ll fall in love with the poor chap, even as you slip him another slice of pizza.

Don’t forget to perfect your own theatrical yelp of surprise for when you’re playing with the kids (in our experience, grandmas are particularly good at this playing-along side of things). And if you need to keep a little one amused whilst you’re otherwise occupied, Sam’s incredibly easy to set up and play - he doesn’t require an adult after the two sections are initially clipped together.

No batteries are required, and Sam’s waiting for you in toy stores across the country!

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