Don't Laugh

2 - 4 players, ages 8 to adult

about Don't Laugh

Six hundred jokes. A playing board. And a microphone that giggles and lets rip with farting noises.

Don't Laugh is the game that asks you: 'Can you keep a straight face?' And with your friends doing all they can to crack you up then the chances could be pretty slim...

Because if the joke itself doesn’t set you off, that pesky microphone will! It might let loose with a guffaw, and we know how catching they can be. It might startle you and blurt out something to make you snigger. And that's before we even get to its mindboggling repertoire of parps and trouser-trumpets!

Don’t Laugh knows that when kids get together, impassive, deadpan expressions are in very short supply. And with gags ranging from the hilarious to the genuinely terrible, even sensible old grown-ups can get drawn in...

Contents: Magic microphone, 200 joke cards, Playing board, 4 playing pieces, Instructions

Q: What do you call a judge with no thumbs?
A: Justice Fingers

Q: What do you call a Roman emperor with a cold?
A: Julius Sneezer



"Many happy hours spent playing this game with children and adults. A good family game and lots of fun. Great"