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Win two games the children will love – they’re a little bit naughty!

We've come up with an absolute winner of a game for little ones this Autumn, and everyone is absolutely loving it! The unique and irrepressible Foxy Pants (rrp £22.99, age 4+) is bursting with excitement and anticipation! This brand new table-top game is set to be hugely popular - with its unbeatable combination of super-fast fun and a twist of dexterity!

Young players will need to watch out for the dastardly Fox who sneaks around the chicken coop, filling his pockets with sleeping chickens. But once Foxy's pants get too full, watch as they suddenly disappear before your very eyes, as if by magic! Blink and they're gone! As the chickens have been sent flying across the table, it's time to see who can react the fastest, nimbly gathering up the most chickens (using one hand only)- racing to be the first to fill their chicken coop.

The electronic Og on the Bog game (rrp £22.99, age 5+) is also truly hilarious. The aim of the game is to steal as many loo rolls as possible before Og lets rip with a humungous FART and blows his Bog to bits... The players are a group of adventurous children setting out to steal the loo rolls and leave Og in a right pickle. As they gather around the bog where the shouting and grunting (yes, really!) Og is sitting, they take a turn on the spinner to see whether they can sneak a loo roll off the gnarled stick outside. But if they falter with unsteady hands, they'll likely disturb Og who'll fart loudly (and yes, we mean loudly!) and scare them away! It's uproarious fun!

As play proceeds, the anticipation and excitement build - and the hilarity ramps up to new levels as Og's showstopper comes ever closer... The first player to collect three loo rolls has beaten Og - and is the worthy winner.

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