Over 10 million games in the UK alone


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It's cold and blustery outside, but it's cosy and warm indoors - so why not set up these super-fun new table-top games, which the children will love playing. Both best sellers over Christmas, this is your chance to try winning them for your family!

First up is the hilarious Shark Bite table-top game (age 4+, rrp £24.99). The mechanical shark's mouth is set to open and 12 pieces of yummy Fish Food are put within the gaping jaws. A roll of the dice determines how many fish young players have to catch, using the fishing rod. But watch out... because at any time, the shark can snap his jaws shut - and then they lose all their fish!

The tension builds as everyone takes turns to hook 'em out... Then come the inevitable squeals of horror and delight when the shark's mouth snaps shut! That means that player has lost all his or her fish, and is out of the round! Play continues round the table - and of course, the player with the most fish at the end of the game is the winner!

SNOTCHA! (rrp £24.99, age 5+) is the grossly entertaining sneeze spraying action game that's guaranteed to get everyone going, one way or another! Set him up by filling the sneeze chamber with cold water and inserting the batteries into his feet - now the little ones are ready to start! Take your turn to spin the spinner to see how many times to push down on Snotcha... time to see if he can hold in his snotty sneeze or not ... will he sneeze at'choo? Phew ... you've stayed dry this time ... or - AAAHHH CHOOO! Ewww that is a super wet sneeze! And you're out of the game this time round!

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