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We have three sets of two ‘wordy’ games to give away

Attention all wordsmiths... Here are two brilliant board games - with a difference! At the centre of new Word Bandit (rrp £24.99, age 8 to adult) is a wheel-spinning letter machine, just like a small 'one-arm bandit'. There are four easy word games to be played in two teams of any number, or two individuals, so it's a great way to get the whole family involved and having fun!

Players choose to select from one to four rows of random letters to: find famous people, think up words in well-known categories, find things that 'begin with' (such as boys' names) or spot short words spelled out by the letters on show. This brilliant game is full of suspense and energy... and guaranteed to bring family members of all ages together, for some quality sharing times!

We're also including the classic Wordsearch game (rrp £22.99, also age 8 to adult) in our prize. It's absorbing, fulfilling and tremendous fun, bringing a thrilling new dimension to this much loved, gently brain-teasing game already enjoyed by millions the world over. This is a contemporary version, in which you outsmart your opponents by being the first to find each hidden word – and anyone can join in!

The game play for Wordsearch is ingeniously simple. One of the selection of double-sided game cards is slotted onto the 'wheel base'. Everyone frantically scans the board, searching for the designated word among the jumbled letters - and the first person to see it shouts out... and 'claims' it by placing their coloured see-through markers over the word. Play continues in a clockwise direction, and each time the outer ring is turned to reveal the next word... but you have to act quickly as other players can cross your words and remove some of your markers! And of course the person with the most coloured markers on the board at the end of the game is the winner.

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