game box

best of christmas (not for kids) rules

A Game for 2 teams. Players aged 16+


  • Christmas Tree Playing Board
  • 55 Question Cards
  • 32 Decoration Pieces
  • Rules


Assemble the Christmas Tree playing boards as shown in the PDF. Lay the deck of cards in a handy pile with the question sides down. Each team takes 16 decoration pieces (these can be any of the different pieces).


There are three kinds of Question Card:

  • Picture Cards – questions relate to the picture on the front.
  • Pot Luck Cards – questions are random.
  • “Theme” Cards – questions all relate to a common theme printed on the card back.


The Christmas Tree board has four “sides”. Two of these have a series of holes rising from the bottom to the top. The teams are racing to hang up all their decorations - starting at the bottom hole and rising to the top, as they answer questions correctly. Each time a question is answered correctly a decoration is “hung” into the next hole up.


The team with the youngest player plays first. The oldest player from the other team becomes Question Master (QM) for the first turn. Members of the ‘non-playing’ team take turns at being the QM.


The QM takes the first card from the pile and asks the first question to the playing team. If the question card is a Picture Card or Theme Card the QM shows the back of the card (the picture side) to the playing team – whilst hiding the answers from his own team. If the playing team answers correctly they immediately hang a decoration in the lowest hole on their side of the tree.

The QM goes on to ask the team the remaining questions on the card. Each time the team answers a question correctly they hang another decoration in the next available
hole, making their way up the tree. Once the team has answered the fourth question (right or wrong) their turn is over and the card is placed to the bottom of the pile.


If the playing team gets a question wrong, the QM asks the SAME question to their own team. If they get it right, they win a bonus decoration to be added to their side of the tree. The QM now continues to ask the remaining questions on the card to the playing team.


When a team answers a question correctly and hangs their final decoration on the tree they put the Star on the top of the tree and win the game.