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Crazy Claw Game Rules

Aim of the game

Catch balls with the Grabber to find Toy Tokens inside them that match the toy pictures on your Collection Card.

The first player to collect all three Toy Tokens shown on their Collection Card wins.

Please download the PDF for assembly instructions, or watch the assembly video at the bottom of the Crazy Claw page.


Shuffle the Collection Cards and give one to each player.

  • The youngest player starts by taking the Crazy Claw Grabber and putting it into the unit through the large hole in the top.
  • Now the other players hit the red paddles quickly and repeatedly to bounce the balls about as the player tries to grab one of the bouncing balls.
  • Try to hit as many of the paddles as possible even if some players have to hit two paddles at once. The balls bounce around best if all four paddles are being used.
  • Once the player has grabbed a ball they carefully pull it out of the hole and open it by squeezing the joint gently. Inside is a Toy Token.
  • If the Toy Token matches one of the toys on their Collection Card they keep it and put it on the matching picture - if not they put it back in the ball.
  • The player then closes the ball and drops it back into the unit.
  • If the ball they pull out is empty the player simply puts it back into the unit.
  • That is the end of their turn.

Play moves to the next player on the left.


The first player to collect the three tokens on their Collection Card is the winner. For a shorter game - agree at the start that the first to collect two Toy Tokens will be the winner.