Deal or No Deal Electronic Tabletop Rules

Switch on the game unit.

'Deal or No Deal' flashes up on the display as the boxes and amounts light up.

'Select Number of Players' will then appear. Press box number 1, 2 , 3 or 4 to select the number of players.

The unit will display a message confirming the number of players.

To beat both 'The Banker' and your opponents by winning the most amount of money.


Player 1 sits opposite the number 1 playing position and rotates the turntable so that it is facing them.

Player 1 then chooses their box number. They press the chosen number on the keypad. This will be displayed on the left hand side of the screen.

Player 1 then opens five of the remaining twenty one boxes in succession by pressing the numbers on the keypad. A message will appear on the screen after each of these boxes has been opened, revealing the amount each box contained. The box number of each opened box will be indicated by appearing darker on the bottom of the screen and remain darker throughout their turns during the game.

The corresponding amount will also disappear from the scoreboard.

After the fifth box has been opened 'The Banker' will make Player 1 an offer for their chosen box. This offer will appear on the screen.

Player 1 can accept or decline this offer by pressing either the 'Deal' or 'No Deal' button. They can keep their decision secret from their opponents.

The turntable is now rotated to face the other players in turn, who play the first round in the same way.

Round 2 sees players being given a further offer for their box after the opening of three more boxes.

Rounds continue with offers being made after every third box is opened.

Players who have made a deal still continue to open three boxes per round and are shown what offer they would have received for their box. The must still press either the 'Deal' or 'No Deal' button to continue the game.

Players who turn down the final offer, with only two boxes left unopened, have the option of swapping their box with the other remaining unopened box. This is indicated by pressing either the 'Swap' or 'No Swap' button.

If a player has already accepted an earlier deal they still need to press either the 'Swap' or 'No Swap' button, even though the swap is no longer available, to finish the game.

When each players final amount has been revealed, the player with the highest amount of money is the winner.