Don't Panic Rules


Set up the timer machine. Take all the cards and divide them into two piles. Put the two piles (face down) in the troughs at the end of the timer machine (as shown on the back of the box).

Set the timer to 10 by turning the big red 'PANIC' button clockwise to the beginning of 10.

Write all the players names on the top of the score pad.


Pick which of the two piles of cards you are going to use first. When a card has been used, replace it at the back of the pile from which it was drawn. Once you have been right through the first pile move on to the second.

Each card has five entries on it. The top one is easiest and the bottom one is a bit harder. These are referred to as levels 1 to 5 (1=easy, 5=harder). The levels are only rough guides, some in each level are easier than others, however over a whole game, these levels will act as a general handicap so that older players can take on younger players on even terms.

Before starting to play, all players should agree on which level (1-5) that each of them will use during the game. In the following rules it is always assumed that players will choose the right level each time they play a turn.


Play starts with the youngest player and moves clockwise round the group. One turn consists of the following:

The player takes the top card. They read out their entry to the others and the person to their right immediately starts the timer by pushing down on the big red pointer.

The player then has to say three things in the general category written on the card. As soon as the player has said three correct things, he/she pushes down the timer to stop it.

The player scores the number indicated by the large red pointer. The longer they have taken, the lower the score. Write this number down on the score pad. Return the red pointer to its maximum score and then it is the next player's turn.


Players take a new card each turn and add one to the number of things they must think of to complete the turn. So... on the second round they must come up with four things, on the third round they must come up with five things and so on until the fifth and final round in which they must come up with 7 things.


Each round players note their score on the score pad. At the end of the game, players' scores are added up and the player with the highest score wins.