Dragonball Z Game Rules

What You Need To Do

Save the Earth by playing the part of one of Goku's friends. You must train as hard as you can to raise your power and seek out the seven Dragonballs.

The Game in General

You use Power Points to travel round the board. On your travels you land on Event Squares where helpful or horrible things can happen to you including training duels and combat with other players. You scour the ten locations, associated with some of the key characters, in search of the seven Dragonballs.

How to Win

The winner is the person who has the most Dragonball Disks at the end of the game. The game ends when all seven Dragonball Disks have been found.

Basic Ideas:

Power Points - these are the things you use to move around the board. They have different values, from 1 to 6. Whether you spend them all at once, or save some for later, is entirely up to you. You pick up one Power Token at the start of every turn, so you will always be able to move.

Moving - there is no limit to the number of characters that can be in any one space. You can go in any direction you like, at any time, but you must stick to the paths.

Locations - locations show a variety of places in the Dragonball Z world. These are where the Dragonballs are hidden. Each Location has a name that is written on its signpost. You can only enter or leave a Location through the darker (red) spaces around the edge of each Location.

Dragonballs™ - there is one Dragonball Disk on each Location. You collect Dragonballs by visiting Locations and correctly guessing which side of the black Dragonball Disk hides a true Dragonball.

Event Squares - when you land on one of these you take an EVENT card from the board and do what it says. EVENTS are sometimes helpful (extra moves or special technology), sometimes exciting (a challenge in the Training Arena) and sometimes bad (losing Power Points).

Setting up the Game:

  1. Unfold the large Main Board and lay it on a flat surface.
  2. Take the 10 large black disks (The Dragonball™ disks) and put them on the board, one on each location (The City, Master Roshi's Island, Goku's Home, Mount Payoz, Kame's Lookout, Piccolo's Place, Baseball Stadium, Capsule Corporation, Bamboo Forest and Spindetop Flats).
  3. Put all of the Power Tokens (orange disks with red stars) into the Power Bag.
  4. Make sure that the smaller Training Arena board is near to the main board, so that everyone can reach it, to see what happens on it.
  5. Push the black circular Arena up through the hole in the half size board and lay the board flat. It must be on a VERY FLAT surface to work properly.
  6. Put the two small black Launching Ramps and the pack of small red Energy Balls beside the Training Arena board, ready for use.
  7. Place all of the characters on the table near to the training arena board.
  8. Remove the Master Game Event Cards (the ones with red writing) from the pack. These are not used in this game.
  9. Shuffle the remaining Event Cards and put them on the space marked EVENT CARDS on the board FACE DOWN.
  10. The youngest player starts.

Getting Ready to Play:

  1. Each player chooses a character to play (Krillin, Chichi, Yamcha, Master Roshi, Bulma or Chiaotsu).
  2. Put the character into a plastic stand, and put it on the Location showing a picture of that character.
  3. Take three Power Tokens each from the Power Bag.

When it is Your Turn:

  1. Take another Power Token from the Power Bag (on your first turn, you will now have four Power Tokens).
  2. Decide how many of your Power tokens you want to use (1 point=1 space on the board)
  3. Add up the points on the tokens you are using, then put them back into the Power Bag, making sure to keep the ones you are not using.
  4. Move your character that number of spaces, in any direction you like. Sometimes you will land on an event square or a location before you have used all of your points. In this case, the unused points are lost.
  5. If you move all of your spaces without landing on an event square, or on a location, your turn is over.

When you land on a Location, take a Power Token then check the Dragonball Disk - choose one side and place your thumbs over the middle until the black ink disappears and you can see colours underneath.

  • If there is a picture of a Dragonball, with no writing on it, keep the disk and your turn is over!
  • If there is writing underneath - follow the instructions then your turn is over.
  • You cannot check the Dragonball Disk on your Start Location until you have checked one on another Location during your travels around the board.

If you land on an event square, take an Event Card and do what it says, then your turn is over.


If your Event Card tells you to go to the Training Arena, it is time for you to have a duel with a creature, challenger or enemy of some kind. This is what to do:

  1. Find the playing piece for the challenger mentioned, and make sure it is on a stand.
  2. Make sure you have eight small red Energy Balls and one Launching Ramp.
  3. Place the Launching ramp anywhere, behind the red dotted line, on the arena board with the highest end pointing to the arena.
  4. Ask the player on your right to place the challenger in the centre of the arena. They then put the Energy Marble at the VERY TOP END of the spiral ramp and let it go. If the board surface is flat the ball will roll smoothly down the spiral to the bottom.
  5. To save losing balls you can place the game box lid behind the Training Arena so the balls that miss hit the inside of the box lid.


As soon as the Energy Marble starts rolling, flick your eight small Energy Balls, one at a time, along the Launching Ramp, at the challenger in the arena as quickly as you can! You must try to knock over the challenger before the Energy Marble reaches the bottom of the ramp.

If you knock over the challenger before the Energy Marble reaches the bottom, you win the duel and take one Power Token from the Power Bag. If you do not, your turn is over.


Use this tiebreaker if several players end up with the same number of Dragonballs.

  1. Take all the Dragonball Disks and put them in the Power Bag.
  2. Each tied player picks one from the bag.
  3. Each reveals ONE side.
  4. The player who reveals a Dragonball wins.
  5. If there is another tie, return the Dragonball Disks to the bag and keep repeating the tiebreaker until one player wins.


Now that you have gained the basic skills needed to save the Earth, you are ready for the next level and for greater challenges!

The game is the same as before with these extra rules:

The following elements of the game are exactly the same as in the Main Game:

  • Setting up the Game
  • Getting Ready to Play
  • Landing on a location
  • How to Win
  • End of Game Tie Breaker


1) EVENT Cards

Shuffle back into the pack the cards with RED text that are NOT used in the Main Game.

2) TRAINING ARENA Shooting Position

You must now fire balls from you Launching Ramp from BEHIND the BLACK line.

3) Movement Rules

  1. To enter a Location, you must move exactly the right number of spaces to reach it. So if you are three spaces away from a location, you must spend exactly 3 Power Points to reach it successfully, or find some way to use more power points to allow you to reach it exactly.
    For example, if you need to move three spaces to get into a location, but only have a 6 Power Token, you can still do it:
    Move 3 forward, one back and then two forwards again into the location!
  2. If you land on an Event Square before you have used all of your points, remember how many you have left over. Once you have done what is described on the Event Card, you move on by the number of points left over.

4) Challenge Duels

When you have finished moving, you can decide to challenge another player to a duel on the Main Board! A Challenge Duel is fun and exciting. If you win, your reward is to take two extra Power Tokens from the Power Bag.

Challenge Duels Rules:

  1. Choose the player you want to challenge, and tell them.
  2. Both take eight small Energy Balls and a Launching Ramp.
  3. Each put your Launching Ramp on the table in front of you, right beside the board.
  4. Now, you both start firing balls at the same time... the first person to hit (not necessarily knock over) the other person's playing piece wins the duel and takes two Power Tokens from the Power Bag. The loser does not do anything. If you both miss with all eight balls neither player wins anything. If you both hit at the same time you both take one Power Token from the Power Bag.
  5. Be careful! If you hit someone else's character instead of the one you chose, you automatically lose the duel. Both your opponent and the other player you hit each take two Power Tokens from the Power Bag. You must go back to your Start Location.