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Fill Your Pants Rules

2 or More Players
Ages 6 and Up

Set Up

This game is played in pairs. If there are more than two players, take turns to pair up with one of the others.

The first pair to play each puts on a pair of the large pants.

Place the cards in an easy-to-reach pile, face down. The surface that the cards are on is called THE BASE.

Playing the game

Decide how many cards you are going to play. For a short game take 5 or 6 cards, for a longer game use around 12 cards. Count out the number of cards in one pile.

  • To start, both players stand by the BASE next to the pile of cards. The youngest player turns over the top card so both players can read it. Leave the card on the table.
  • Both players race off to find an item that matches the card description.
  • Once they have found their item, they stuff it into their pants and race back to BASE.
  • The first player to get back to BASE wins that card.
  • They quickly pick up and read the next card.
  • They repeat the process until all the cards have been won by one or other player.
  • Each player remembers their own score.
  • The next pair of players put on the pants and play their round the same way.


The player with the highest card score once all players have had their turn wins. A draw can be decided by a final round played by the drawn players.


Each player takes a separate pile of cards and puts them face down on the BASE.

Five cards each is a short game, decide on a larger number for a longer game.

  • Both players turn over their top card of their pile and race off to find a matching item.
  • After they find an item they return to BASE and turn over their next card, then race off again to find something that matches the new card.
  • Players don’t wait for each other, but race back and forth to the BASE collecting the whole set of matching items as quickly as they can.
  • The first to get back to BASE with items matching all their cards is the winner.


This game is an active and physical game. It involves dressing up, running around and collecting objects. There are therefore some important precautions to take: Please ensure the area is safe and suitable for play by removing trip hazards and fragile items. Very small children and pets should also be kept away.

Do not collect items that will be damaged or have the potential to cause injury.

Do not sit down with objects in the pants. Exercise care and attention at all times.

Pants not intended to be worn next to the skin.