game box

King Pong Game Rules


  • Unit base and lid
  • 2 x blocking triangles
  • 4 x corner posts
  • 5 x yellow balls
  • 4 x clear windows
  • 5 x green balls
  • 4 x trays
  • 5 x blue balls
  • Central pyramid (in two parts)
  • 5 x white balls
  • 4 x pivoting doors

Aim of the Game

To get rid of your King Pong balls by bouncing them into the unit faster than they roll back out into your tray. The first player to empty their tray and close their door is the winner.


Place the assembled unit (see next page) in the middle of all the players making sure that each of you is squarely facing one side. Each player picks a set of coloured balls and puts them into the tray in front of them.

Ball-Bouncing Rules

You must always pick up and throw the balls with ONLY ONE HAND. You can bounce the balls into the unit either through the hole in the side facing you or bounce balls up and into the hole in the top of the unit. You CANNOT bounce balls into the side holes facing other players.

Playing the Game

Agree on an official starter. The starter shouts "KING PONG" and everyone at once starts bouncing their balls into the unit trying to empty their tray.

If a ball drops on the floor, the player who threw the ball must immediately go and pick it up and get back to the game as quickly as possible.

Hint: Watch other players' trays. If you see someone close to emptying their tray you need to try to bounce your balls so that they drop into their tray to stop them winning.


The first player to empty their tray and close their pivoting door is the winner.

This is a simple game that's just wildly fun and funny. We have made the balls different colours so that you can invent your own rules - which we would love to hear about on our Facebook page.

Please see the PDF for assembly instructions.