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Logo Bingo Rules


Each player picks a different colour to play: purple, green, yellow or red.

Choose one player to act as Caller for the first round and place their board 'Caller Card' side up. Each player takes it in turn to act as Caller on subsequent rounds.

The Caller’s set of 39 Logo Tokens is placed into the Caller Box (all tokens in a set have the same colour reverse side).

The other players each take their set of 39 Tokens and their board which they place ‘Player Card’ upwards. These other players select any 25 of their own tokens to arrange on their own board covering the 25 spaces. Their remaining 14 tokens are placed to one side and are not used during this round. Players may wish to choose their favourite
brands or ones that they hope will be called and can place them on their boards however they wish.


The Caller draws the first token from the box and calls out the brand while showing it to the other players. As Caller, you may wish to include the brand’s tagline (if you know it), for example "Ba-Ba-Ba, Ba-Babybel®"!

Any players with the matching token on their board flip the token over. The Caller then places the token they drew out onto the first space on the Caller Card. The Caller then takes another token from the box and plays it in the same way. The Caller’s second token is placed on the next space on the Caller Card. Continue in this way until a player calls 'BINGO'.


Any players to have flipped over a set of tokens from their board in one of the following ways can call ‘BINGO’:

• Any vertical or horizontal line of five that does not include the centre space scores 100 points.

• A vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of five that does include the centre space scores 110 points.

• All four corners scores 110 points.

In some cases a player may complete more than one combination when flipping a token and so has to immediately declare to the Caller which combination is being claimed.
If you achieve one of the above combinations, you do not have to call out ‘BINGO’ as you may wish to wait and hope for a higher scoring combination. However the current combination cannot be claimed after the next token has been drawn.

If more than one player shouts ‘BINGO’ after a token is called, the Caller has the final decision on who was first.

Once a combination has been called and verified (the Caller checks the relevant brands that have been flipped over are also present on the Caller Card), the points are written in the appropriate column on the scoresheet and everyone then plays on towards the Full House.


The first player to have flipped over all of their 25 tokens shouts out ‘FULL HOUSE’, winning the round and scoring 120 points which are also added to the scoresheet. In the event that two or more players shout for a Full House at the same time, once verified, the 120 points are divided between the winning players.


Any player calling Bingo or Full House without a winning combination is out of that round.


With three or four players, each player takes one turn as the Caller.


With two players, each player takes two turns as the Caller.

In a two player game, each player chooses a coloured playing board and token set for the whole game, and a third colour is used for the Caller by both players alternately.

The Caller in a round uses a Player Card at the same time as a Caller Card, flipping tokens over as a player and also pulling tokens from the Caller Box.

For fairness, when the Caller draws a token from the Caller Box they do so without looking, place it on the table covered with their hand and it is then revealed to both players simultaneously.


The player with the highest total of points after the requisite number of rounds have been played is the winner.


  • 4 Player/ Caller Boards
  • Caller Box
  • Score Pad
  • Pencil
  • 4 Sets of 39 Logo Tokens


Assemble the Caller Box as shown in the PDF, and press out the tokens from their frames. Keep the four sets separate.