Logo Bingo

2 - 4 players, aged 12+

logo family

about Logo Bingo

Eyes Down and get ready to play LOGO Bingo.

Instead of numbers being called out, the Caller pulls out LOGO Bingo tokens featuring much-loved brands.

Choose 25 LOGO tokens, place them on your board and hope that the Caller pulls out your favourite brands. You won’t hear Legs Eleven or Clickety Clicks in this game, but you might get a "Kids and grown-ups love it so ...the happy world of Haribo!" Or, a "Ba-Ba-Ba, Ba-Babybel®!"

Just like in the classic game, hope you are the first to get a line or four corners covered or even get a Full House, and Bingo! You are the winner.

LOGO Bingo is a great get-together game that gives you everything you need to enjoy the excitement of the bingo hall!



Available Oct/Nov 2023


Coming soon - new for 2023.