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Mask 'n' Ask Game Rules


30 Double-sided Masks (30 Animals and 30 Human characters)
1 x Double-sided playing board
4 x Mask 'n' Ask glasses
4 x Playing pieces
48 Yes/No Reminder Tokens
1 x Spinner


To find out the character on the mask you are wearing by moving round the board and asking the questions shown on the playing spaces you land on.



Each mask and the board has an animal side and a human side. Decide which side you are going to play, then lay out the board with the chosen side facing up. Plug the spinner through the centre of the board as shown below.

Mask n Ask Board Setup

Put the masks in a handy pile with the characters you have decided to play face DOWN. For example, if you are playing an 'animals' game - the masks should be put in a pile 'human' side up, so you can't see the 'animal' sides you are about to try and guess.

There are four coloured sets: red, blue, green and yellow. You each take a set which includes:

You each put your playing piece on one of the 'Pick a Question' spaces on the board (each player on a different space).

Keep your 'reminder' tokens on the table beside you.

Now you each take a mask from the mask pile and clip the small cut-outs on the edges of the mask to the posts sticking out from either side of your glasses - WITHOUT LOOKING at the other side of the mask.

Mask n Ask Glasses Setup

Everyone put on your glasses and you're ready to play.


Playing the Game

The youngest player starts - play moves clockwise round the table.

Spin the spinner and move that number round the board in either direction. To decide which direction, look at the two question spaces you could land on. If you have already asked both the questions you can spin again.

When you have asked the question put one of your 'reminder' tokens on that space to remind you what you have asked and what the answer was (YES/NO). If you are on a PICK ANY QUESTION space put a 'reminder' token on the space of your chosen question butleave your playing piece where it is.

If you get a YES to a question - you win another turn. Keep spinning and moving and askingquestions until you get a NO.

After a NO you get ONE guess at what your character is. Play then passes to the next player.

Guessing Your Character

When you guess your character correctly you must:


The first player to correctly guess three characters is the winner.

If you are not sure whether the answer to any question is YES or NO - have a look at the Correct Answer Chart.