Mask 'n' Ask

2 - 4 players, aged 7+

about Mask 'n' Ask

Am I a policeman? Am I a lion? Mask ‘n’ Ask is really easy, just put on your mask and ask questions to find out what you are! This is a game that’s much more than it seems – each mask is Double Sided: one side has an Animal on it and the other a Person so with 30 Masks you get 60 FACES to play with.

Each turn you move and ask the question you land on - then take a guess. You keep track of the answers with your handy YES/NO counters.

Quick to learn and great fun to play, Mask ‘n’ Ask is a hugely entertaining way to get children to develop their logical thinking.

MASK ‘n’ ASK - double sided, TWICE the FUN!



"Wonderful game, lots of different masks and very simple. Great for play dates with the children, boys and girls. My son is 6 and found it a hoot."

"Bought this game for my Nephew and he absolutely loves it. This is really good board game for all ages, a game that you can never grow too old for. If you haven't played it, try it now!"

"Grandparents, parents and children - as a family we loved this game. Great fun and accessible for all ages, or at least above 5 or so. Lots of laughs, a real good old fashioned fun evening without a keypad in sight!"

"Some of the questions asked by the little ones are funny. Some of the answers hilarious."