Million Pound Drop Game Rules

Object of the Game:

To be the team with the most money left after answering eight multiple-choice questions.

Getting Ready to Play:

  • Assemble the Drop Table and put the 40 money bundles beside it.
  • Divide into two teams. One team may have an extra player if playing with an odd number.
  • Separate the question cards into three piles (Red 4-answer cards, Blue 3-answer cards and Yellow 2-answer cards). Put these piles into their slots in the plastic game tray.
  • The cards have a different category on each side. The Category heading is printed at the top of the card above the question. The letter of the correct answer (A, B, C or D) is printed below the question.
  • The possible ANSWERS for that category are on the other side of the card, so that the Host can read the question off the back of the card while the Players can see the possible answers on their side.
  • If any of the Playing team has played one side of a question card previously, their team must play the questions on the other side of the card.
  • The team with the youngest member is the first "Player". The other team is the first "Host".
  • Turn the Drop Table to face the playing team with the 40 money bundles in front of it.
  • So remember, the answer to each question is on the other side of the card to the question itself. Questions 1, 2, 3 & 4 use Red 4-answer cards, questions 5, 6, & 7 use Blue 3-answer cards and question 8 uses a Yellow 2-answer card.

Playing the Game:

Picking an Answer

  • The first Host takes the first Red card (members of the Host team take turns at asking the eight questions).
  • There is a different category on each side of the card. The Host asks the Players which category they want to take.
  • The Host puts the card into the clip on the top of the board with the four appropriate answers facing the Players.
  • One of the Players reads out the four answers to everyone.
  • The Host now reads out the question. As soon as the question is finished another of the Host team upturns the timer.
  • Each answer has a letter beside it (A, B, C and D) that corresponds with the letters printed in front of each trap door.

Moving the Money

  • The Players must put the Money Bundles on the correct answer's trap door. If they are unsure of the right answer they can spread the money across up to 3 trap doors. There must always be at least one trap door with no money on it.
  • The team can ask for the question to be repeated as often as they like during their time.
  • The Players must finish placing all their Money Bundles on trap doors before the timer runs out or their whole turn finishes and the other team becomes the Player.
  • Questions 5, 6 and 7 (with three answers) are played using trap doors A, B and C. Money can only be placed on two of these trap doors. Question 8 (with two answers) is played using trap doors A and B. Money can only be placed on one of these trap doors.

Dropping the Money

  • The Host must now reveal the wrong answers one by one, gently tapping the wrong trap doors with a finger to drop them open. This should be done in a suspenseful and dramatic way, but don't take so long that it becomes boring.
  • All the Money Bundles that drop through when a trap door is opened are removed from the game.
  • The Money Bundles on the winning trap door remain for the Players to continue with for the next question.
  • When all the Money Bundles have dropped, the Player's turn is over and the Host team becomes the player for a new turn.
  • As long as the Players have Money Bundles remaining they continue to play question after question.


There are two ways to win.

  • First - if one or both teams lose all their money before question 8, the team that answered most questions before losing all its money wins. If both teams go out after the same number of questions the team that had the most money on the last question wins.
  • Second - if both teams win money on question 8 the team with most money wins the game.

The Million Pound Drop Game Assembly Instructions