Shout Rules


Two teams take 1 minute turns at answering the Challenges on the cards - as soon as any player thinks they know an answer they shout it out. One point is scored for each right answer. The first team to reach 69 wins.


Form TWO teams. In each round one of the teams is the 'Asking team' and the other is the 'Answering team'. Place the Shout stand on the table between the teams. Each team takes two pegs to use for scoring.


The curved feet of the stand have double rows of holes used for keeping score. One row is numbered 1-9 and the other 10 - 90. Move the first peg along the 1-9 row to score 'ones' and the second peg along the other row to score 'tens'. The base is not turned round during play; only the top of the stand should be swivelled round each turn by gripping the Card Holder.


The Double or Nothing card can be played by the Asking team on the Answering team just after they have put a new card into the stand at the start of a turn. To 'play' it on the Answering team just hand it to them.

For that turn the Answering team must get ALL the answers right: if they don't they score nothing (even if they get seven or eight answers right, they still score zero). If they DO get all the answers right they score DOUBLE the maximum score of 9 - which is 18! The Answering Team then keep it until they decide to play it on a future turn.


Each Challenge card is double sided. Use only one side in any game then return it to the bottom of the card pile after use. The answers to the Challenges are always on the reverse side so when a card is put into the stand the 'Answering team' sees a Challenge grid on their side and the 'Asking team' sees the corresponding question and answers at the top of the other side.


The team with the youngest player starts as the first Answering team. The Asking team begins the game with the Double or Nothing card.

To play a turn the Asking team slots the top Challenge card from the pile into the card-holder, turning it so the Challenge grid faces the Answering team. If they want to, they can now play the Double or Nothing card before reading out the question.

The Asking team reads out the question then turns the timer to start the play period.

The members of the Answering team shout out as many correct answers as they can with the opposing team keeping score. We recommend that everybody in the Asking team helps keep score as answers will come thick and fast, often all at once (right and wrong) and not necessarily in the order of the answers on the card.

When members of the Answering team shout out answers it is best that they include the number of the square they are trying to answer, as this will help the other team keep score, e.g. '1 is Yellow'.'2 is Blue'

The Answering team scores one point for each answer they get right before the timer runs out.

The roles are now reversed and the next turn is played.


The first team to reach or pass 69 points wins the game. The scoring holes allow scoring up to 99, so if you would like a longer game you can decide on a larger winning score before you begin the game.

Please use the PDF link above to view assembly instructions.