game box

Snap Dragon game Rules


  • Dragon (body, 2 wings and tail)
  • 9 Coins
  • Dice
  • Sticker Sheet.

Assembly instructions are available in the PDF.

The Game in Brief:

Roll a number on the dice then pull the dragon’s tongue all the way out that many times.

If you do this without him snapping at you, you win a gold coin.

If he does snap at you, you lose a coin.

The first to collect three gold coins wins.

Starting a game:

Hold the bottom jaw and push the head towards the body until the mouth opens and clicks into place as shown in the PDF. Place the coins in a pile in the middle of the table.

Playing the game:

1. The youngest player goes first. 

2. Turn the dragon to face you then roll the dice.

3. Firmly grip the dragon – there are dents to help you get  hold of the dragon on his front and back legs. Now pull  the Dragon’s tongue all the way out the number of times  shown on the dice.

4. If the Dragon does not snap out at you during these tongue pulls, you win a golden coin and then it is the next player’s turn.

5. If the Dragon does snap out at you, you must put back one of the coins you have won onto the coin pile - if you have no coins you don’t need to do anything. Now push the dragon’s head back to into the starting position and it is the next player’s turn.


The first player to collect three gold coins is the winner.