Og on the Bog

2-4 players, ages 5+

about Og on the Bog

Poor old Og.
Fuming and flatulent; stuck on the bog
His belly is grumbling; his belches are loud
His bottom is brewing a hazardous cloud.

Og’s not having a good day. And what’s more, there’s a bunch of children trying to sneak off with his precious loo rolls! Take turns to creep up on Og; some cautious tiptoes, a steady hand – and the prize could be yours!

But beware… those farts, trumps, pumps and guffs are mounting up! Sooner or later, Og’s going to blow his bog to pieces – and you don’t want to be there when that happens!

It’s funny and it’s frantic – simple gameplay and genuine laugh-out-loud moments means that Og on the Bog has been an explosive hit with children everywhere.



"I bought this for Christmas for my daughter and we have played it quite a few times. The kids love it and we’ve laughed a lot whilst playing. Great game and easy to play. Would recommend."

"This game appeals to my children's sense of humour.. Lots of toilet sound effects and a fairly simple game to play with my 3 year old (and elderly grandparents). Still asking to play every day so I'm happy!"

"Really entertaining game! Great sound effects and fun for the whole family."

"Bought this for my 4 year old son last Christmas who absolutely loved it and 9 months on it's still his favourite game to play. [...] The whole thing is pretty sturdy and well made. Has certainly stood the test of time being bashed around by a heavy handed 4 year old. Definitely fun for all the family."