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His and Hers Board Game Rules

A game for 4 or more players in two teams of guys and girls over 16 years old.


Playing Board
400 Question Cards (200 Pink and 200 Blue)
2 Playing pieces (Pink and Blue)

Preparing To Play:

Unfold and lay out the board.

Divide into a guys' team and a girls' team.

Guys take the blue playing piece, girls take the pink playing piece and put them on their START spaces at the edge of the board.

On each turn, a member of the NON-playing team asks the playing team the questions on the card. This person is the Question Master. The first Question Master for each team will be its oldest player. Players then take turns at being the Question Master.

The Question Cards:

There are guy question cards (blue edged) and girl question cards (pink edged).

These question cards come in three varieties:-

Picture Cards - on which there is a picture that the questions relate to.

Theme Cards - on which all the answers have a common theme.

Pot Luck Cards - on which there are random questions.

Each card has four questions on the back.

The Board:

The spaces on the board come in four different colours that match those on the question cards. The first four spaces on the board match the order of the colours on the cards; thereafter the colours are placed randomly.

Each team must follow its own side of the track.

On each turn, a team might be asked a question from a pink OR a blue question card. This is decided by the colour of the small oval on the playing space that the team's piece is sitting on at the start of the turn.


To Start:

For its first turn each team is asked one of its 'own' question cards - blue for guys, pink for girls. The guys toss to see which team starts.

The Question Master of the non-playing team picks the first Question card from the front of its section in the card box. They must not let their own team see the answers in case their team gets a chance to STEAL a question if the playing team gets one wrong.

What to do with each type of card before asking the questions:

Picture Card - show the picture to all players on both teams.

Themed Card - read out the theme to all players on both teams.

Pot Luck Card - needs no special preparation.

Now the Question Master reads out the first question to the playing team. If they get it right they immediately move their piece to the next space on the board that matches the question's colour.

If a team gets a question wrong the Question Master puts it to the members of their own team. If they answer correctly they move their own piece to the next space on their own playing track that matches the colour of the question.

The playing team is always given the first chance to answer each question on the card.

After the last question on the card has been played, the card is returned to the back of its section in the card box and the other team takes its turn.


If a team cannot answer a question on a card of the opposite sex they can pass it to a nominated player on the other team - who they think will get it wrong! If this player DOES get it WRONG the playing team moves their piece onto the next playing space matching the question's colour. If the nominated player gets it RIGHT they move THEIR team's playing piece to the next space that matches the question's colour.

Each player can only be nominated once per game.

Winning Zone:

Near the end of the playing track, when a team answers a question for which there is not another coloured playing space, they move into the Winning Zone (the central His and Hers logo). They continue to answer the rest of the questions on the card. To win they must correctly answer either:

- two consecutive questions, or:

- an Orange question

If they do not win with the remaining questions on the card, they must wait for their next turn to try again.

EXPLANATION - if a team enters the Winning Zone as a result of answering a Green question they need to answer the remaining Pink and Orange questions correctly to WIN - OR if they enter the Winning Zone after answering a Pink question they ONLY have to answer the remaining Orange question correctly to WIN.

If BOTH teams are in the Winning Zone and the playing team gets a question wrong the QM asks that question to the members of their own team. If they answer it correctly then they (not the playing team) are asked the next question. If they answer it correctly they WIN! (as they have answered two questions correctly). If they do not answer the second question correctly the QM reads out the answer to both teams. The QM now asks the next question on the card to the playing team.