Puff Ball Set 1 Starter

For 2 or more players, aged 6+

about Puff Ball Set 1 Starter

Puff Ball is the dynamic, action packed, puff-power game.

The Starter set contains 16 pieces for beginners to practice their skills blowing the balls from cup to cup, through the hoop and over the bridge. Got a friend over? Make a 3 cup track each and you can have a race.

It’s frantic and fiendish, but practice makes puff-fect.

Puff Ball is a new kind of construction set with brilliant game play which requires a whole new skill set. Gentle but firm, positive but restrained, learning just the right amount and direction of puff to get those balls through those obstacles is the challenge. It’s like riding a bike, get the right balance and you’re off!

Once you’ve mastered the basics you can create complex, challenging tracks for even more exciting races by expanding the starter set with the mid-size, large or extreme sets.



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