Best of British Express

For 2 teams, aged 12 to adult

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about Best of British Express

A new speedy version of our brilliant game that light heartedly delves into our everyday life, reminding us of the diverse, unique and hilarious everyday things, people and places that make Britain such an outstanding place to live.

There's so much about this wonderful country of ours that we take for granted. There's cups of tea, the weather forecast, double-decker buses, pubs on every corner, the 'national pastime' of queuing... and lollipop ladies, sandcastles, conkers, Blackpool rock, deep fried Mars Bars... Big Ben and Eros, Winston Churchill and Thunderbirds, Mr Whippy ice cream... and did we mention red phone boxes, juicy leeks, screeching bagpipes and Dennis the Menace?

132 Question Cards
Playing Board
2 Playing Pieces



Coming soon - new for 2021. Reviews for the original Best of British game:

"Great game to play with a group of friends or family! Easy enough to know what to do and lots of fun!"

"We absolutely loved this game - suitable for all the family and full of facts you didn't know you knew! It's not too age -specific or competitive and is great fun"

"Great fun. Some questions are obviously easy if you know the subject others get your brain working and some can be figured out with a logical approach. Great game."

"Good family team game. Questions can range from telly tubbies to pub names so all age ranges can join in."