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The Oginov Tumbler is a brand new kind of puzzle.

To move the pieces you tilt the puzzle over and one of the 5 pyramids falls over into a new position.

Because gravity makes the pieces 'fall' into place, these are called GRAVITY PUZZLES. There are six levels of difficulty in The OGINOV TUMBLER range. Level 1 and Level 2 come in this pack (puzzle set A).

Level 1 is called 'THE DOTS' When you have learned to solve all THE DOTS puzzles, twist open the ball and replace the pyramids with the Level 2 set - called 'TRI-2'.

THE DOTS is an easy introduction to The OGINOV TUMBLER range. You will learn the basic moves and skills needed to move on to the TRI-2 puzzle and beyond. The range starts off easy but leads to mind blowingly hard puzzles in levels 5 and 6.

How far will you go?

For 1 player
Ages 8 to adult

The totally new, utterly unique, tumbling pyramids puzzle